We firmly believe that time is far more precious than money. At Lafayette, it is our honour and privilege to manage your time, simplifying your hectic schedule with targeted personal attention to your every need, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our team highly professional and qualified managers will take care of your every whim and fancy, ordinary or otherwise. No ask is ever too big or too small, and every single request is taken care of with utmost care and diligence freeing you of any hassle.


From the time, a travel thought occurs to the last day of the perfect vacation, we attend and put in order your needs and personalized requests. From luxury accommodations with relaxing aura and exotic scenic views to exclusive high-end vacation clubs and exemplary luxury car rental, we arrange a wonderful way to get the most out of the best luxury travel tours for those curated experiences that define perfection.


Access to the journals of Lafayette Luxury experiences, gives you privileged encounters with the rugged and unusual beauty of the land. Appreciate the hidden gems of the world with exclusive VIP access, all while being at your leisure. Delivering exclusive travel experiences that reflects a unique sense of place and iconic service standards is what we aim for.


Reinventing the traditional check-in routine by offering an intimate and rather peaceful alternative, our Luxury concierge services make things better with just a simple call. Travelling to Greece in a luxury air travel and then enjoying a cruise along the coasts of Santorini in your private yacht, we ensure a smooth ride in and out of these luxury charters.

Luxury Fine dining

The fine dine affair extends past the palate into art and human experience. With our luxury lifestyle services, find your quick gastronomical and dining solution. Lafayette Luxury Concierge not only provides restaurant reservations at top venues but also provides a getaway to Luxury destination clubs.

Health and Wellness

At Lafayette Luxury, health and wellness are put to the highest priority and with our dedicated concierge services in Medical, we always ensure your health is not compromised.
A daily routine set with the finest Nutritionist available or an ultimate soothing luxury experience at the best wellness retreat in the city, the only thing needed is to ask.

VIP Access

Book your way to lavish VIP events and exclusive luxury experiences that are taken to wonderous heights by the help of local and international celebrities, performers and artists. We provide exclusive opportunity to be part of internationally acclaimed performances and events with comfort of being closest to the limelight. VIP tickets are our thing, that can soon be yours.


Wish to reward the team for a successful year at luxury vacation club? Have sundowner arranged along with wine tasting at the perfect location with views of a beautiful skyline perfect enough for them to remember until next time.

With our event management services, we plan top notch events and book VIP events to deliver once in a lifetime experience. Lavish décor to sumptuous food, we design, conceptualize, source and manage all your event requirements from scratch.


We understand the importance of the time and effort it may take to find that breathtaking piece of fashion for yourself. At Lafayette Luxury, we provide you with personal shopping services in India and around the globe, by our team of experienced personal shoppers who pride themselves in sourcing the items that are not only in vogue but are known for their exclusivity. Get the lowdown on the latest high street, couture and red carpet looks, handpicked for your in-house shopping experience with just a call away.

Errand services

When you are faced with new tasks each day, while some may be complex or time consuming, the volume of the tasks to be completed can be overwhelming. This why our errand services assist you with your requests and take care of your mundane tasks. Whether you want to pick a bottle of Champagne for your guests or get your laundry done, our concierge services will help you with the daily and untimely requests.

Home Management

Whether you own a villa or a studio apartment, you need to get organized and maintain a beautiful yet well-functioning Luxury accommodation. Through Luxury home management services, we protect and capitalize your premium asset. From styling the in-house décor to staffing, our clientele gets a one-stop solution to overcome all their tasks at home, taking the stress out of your property.

Real Estate

Always wished to purchase an apartment amidst the high-rise buildings of New York? Lafayette will propose the best property hunter along with trusted lawyers, management companies and interior designers to sketch that dream home into reality.
Away on a vacation or moving out of the country, Lafayette Luxury ensures a close overlook at the property with a long host of service assignments for the best 360-degree maintenance.


Relax and have the most peaceful time being assured that the kids of the house are in safe hands.
Offering childcare up to 13-year olds across the world, with the help of our vast network we find nannies for our clients travelling abroad or source the best home tutors at a moment’s notice.


Engaging with world-renowned education personalities and working with the best private tutors, our bespoke education service opens the doors to the finest the world of education has to offer.
Applying to top business schools in the US to getting into the most sort-after fashion schools in Europe, Lafayette luxury concierge makes applications and the long process of settling down in the city as simple as it can be.

Rare Items

A Rembrandt for the living room? A Michelangelo for the front porch? Finding something exquisite is not always easy and this is where Lafayette Luxury comes in. With access to closed door auctions having the most sought-after artefacts. Nothing is more unique than one’s individuality.
We will go above and beyond in acquiring the choicest and the rarest of the rare items eyed upon. At Lafayette Luxury, assess value, estimate the inestimable and purchase the most precious relic.