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About Us

With exclusivity, opulence and extravagance for our esteemed members at its core, Lafayette Luxury was founded with a sharp focus on the absolute finest the world has to offer – anywhere, anytime. Our belief of expending an unmatched array of indulgent and luxurious services meticulously tailored to every individual member is what sets us apart from a traditional concierge. Combining unerring acumen with precise thought, we create memories that endure the test of time. Our unparallel roster of assorted services are flawlessly designed to rejuvenate all your senses. At Lafayette Luxury, your wish is our command. From planning a 7- course culinary experience at the most elusive restaurant in the city to managing your daily assignments, from reserving a chartered jet for your next escapade to exemplifying and customising your look, we do it all. Humbly, we welcome you to luxury.

A Special Type of Space Tourism

Experience the blackest part of space traced in tranquillity with the blue glow from the oceans. With World View, you are literally on the top of the world.


Arctic Dog-Sledding, East Greenland

Sled across the snow-clad and pristine slopes of Eastern Greenland, drawn by the perfectly trained mountain dogs, this escapade by Icelandic Mountain guides is sure to entice you.


Aston Martin on Ice, New Zealand

Experience the thrill of drifting across ice- sheets and snowy roads in New Zealand with Aston Martin. Feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins at 300 kilometres an hour.


Blackcomb Helicopters

Witness ravines and valleys, hidden beaches and lakes, stupendous glaciers and other places seldom accessible by foot with the experienced pilots of Blackcomb Helicopters.


Dinner in the Sky

Hung in the air using a specialised crane, enjoy the finer things in life with an exquisite view with Dinner in the Sky. Treat your senses to the most glorious meals and live music 50 metres from the ground. The word is at your feet, literally.


Everest Sky Dive

For our members, flying to the Everest is just not enough. With Everest Skydive Nepal, experience the sheer magnificence of Everest whilst diving from a plane. The dormant daredevil in you just woke up!



A service to take care of your every whim and fancy, ordinary or otherwise, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Enter the world of an exclusive membership like no other, taking utmost care of your smallest needs and your biggest wants.

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